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All our wood materials used are grown on plantations which are supervised and maintained from the Indonesian forest department and the organization for plantations, "PERHUTANI", which has also FSC (Forest Steward Consulship) certification for some of its plantations and is increasingly getting more plantations certificated.

Teakwood Outdoor Furniture

Our outdoor teakwood furniture can be chosen In 2 different wood quality grades.

We have grade A teakwood with its well known characteristic's of golden brown colour, free of knots, sapwood or any wood mistakes. Only the best wood components, well selected and colour-matched, are used for our grade A quality standard.

The second grade we have we call "Colour Treated Teak". For that quality we use rest wood, knots, sapwood and tiger wood, but all the fittings and constructions are the same as with the A grade quality. A specific developed finishing process changes the colour as deep as 3 mm from an white/yellow/brown wild mixture of contrasts to a handsome well balanced teak look. During the finishing process we increase also the durability of the treated furniture. The benefit of it: Getting much lower priced teakwood furniture.

Both quality grades come with stainless steel fittings. On request we can do printing of your company logo on the packaging and also a stainless steel logo on the furniture itself. For all outdoor furnitures we have a selection of different fabrics which are waterproof and UV resistant. On request we can deliver also fire retarding fabrics and foam for the filling.

Synthetic Rattan Outdoor Furniture
Synthetic rattan or artificial rattan is high density poly ethylene (HDPE), non-toxic and 100% synthetic vinyl based.

* Environmentally friendly * Recyclable * Weatherproof
* UV resistant * Chemical resistant * Colourfast

Mechanical Properties

* Density: 952KG/M3 (ISO 1183 Method D)   * Flexural modulus: 1,500 MPa (ISO 178)
* Brittleness temperature: < -70 Degrees Celsius   * Hardness (shore D): 65 (ISO 868 Type D)
* Melting point: 131 Degrees Celsius   * Vicat softening point: 126 degrees Celsius
* Charpy impact strength: 10 kj/m2 (ISO 179 Type 1 Notch A)

Physical Properties

* Tensile strength at yield: >20 MPa (ISO 527)   * Elongation at break: >600 % (ISO 527)
* Artificial weathering and ageing: >3,500 hours (DIN53387 (Xenon Arc Radiation))
* Gray scale test: 4-5 (grey scale classification: 5 is the best/1 is the worst)

All our synthetic rattan furnitures come with aluminum frames, which get epoxy coated before we start with the weaving process. On request we can do most of the designs also with wooden or stainless steel frames.

Indoor Furniture
We produce our indoor furniture from the following wood species:

Common Teak
(bot. Tectona Grandis (Verbenaceae), Indonesian Jati)
* Color: Golden brown, with sometimes black oil lines; good color match; when exposed graying with time
* Hardwood; very good durability; Its richness on natural oils makes it perfect for outdoor furniture; teak is easy to work with and suitable for any kind of outdoor or indoor furniture as well as for flooring
Common teak wood

(bot. Swietenia Mahagoni, Ind. Mahoni)
* Colour: Reddish brown; darkens with time to a deep red-brown, almost burgundy, colour
* Medium hard; very suitable for all kinds of Indoor furniture, easy to work with, good stability
Mahogany wood

Rain Tree
(bot. Enterolobium Saman (Pithecolobium Saman Benth), Ind. Mungkur)
* Colour: Greenish brown till black; very strong color variation in single blanks
* Hardwood with medium durability, suitable for indoor furniture; strong twisting makes it difficult to work - it has to be processed skilfully
Rain tree wood

Chinaberry Tree
(bot. Melia Azedarach L, Ind. Mindi)
* Colour: White, sometimes with a small touch of red or light brown; getting yellowish/brown with time
* Fast growing tree; medium hard wood; wide pores and strong wood grain contrast; suitable for indoor furniture, sometimes used as ash substitute
Chinaberry tree wood

Red Meranti
(bot. Shorea Singkawang (Dipterocarpaceae), Ind. Meranti Merah)
* Colour: Light/dark red; getting brown with time
* Good durability, but cracks in hairlines when used in big components; suitable for windows and doors, good stability, good to work with
Red Meranti wood

Pine/Sumatra Pine
(bot. Pinus Merkusii (Pinaceae), Ind. Pinus/Pinus Sumatra)
* Colour: Yellowish/light brown w/dark brown knots
* Soft/medium hard; low durability; not suitable for outdoor furniture but well known and used for rustic-traditional central European farm house furniture; good stability; easy to work with but needs attention and care in the finishing process because of its natural resin contents
Pine/Sumatra Pine wood

East Indian Rosewood
(bot. Dalbergia Latifolia, Ind. Sonokeling)
* Colour: Black w/big color spectrum into lighter colours such as purple, red, yellow and white; those variations appear between dip black age rings; sap wood is white and not usable
* Hardwood; quite difficult to work with, but good polishable; tendence of twisting or cracking in bigger components; needs good care in drying process; suitable for indoor furniture; good durability
East Indian Rosewood

(bot. Dacrydium junghuhnii Miq (Podocarpus spp), Ind. Melur)
* Colour: Yellowish/light brown w/darker brown short lines; darkens with time
* Good stability; usable for indoor furniture; good ability in finishings
Dacrydium wood


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